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Who We Are

To design better, purposeful and resilient organizations.

As a Future of Work consultancy, companyBE sits at the intersection of organizational design and purpose-driven change. We help organizations to maximize their impact by working with them to rethink who they are, who they want to become, and, ultimately, the transition between the two.

The transition – the process and experience of change – is what joins the present and future you. However, your organization today isn’t static, it is constantly changing which makes the transition dynamic and unpredictable. By designing a better transition - one that adapts as the circumstance and context does - from who you are today to whom you want to be tomorrow, you can achieve better outcomes and meaningful change.

If it isn’t clear yet, companyBE isn’t just another consultancy. That means you can’t be just another organization. Our litmus test for engagement is your readiness to think differently. The journey with us will be different and you have to be prepared.

When you engage with us what you come away with isn’t just another strategy or model to implement, it is a direction that lives and breathes along with you, and, evolves in reaction to the world around you. It is a comfort with the road ahead and a stronger sense of how to navigate it. It is a connection with your DNA and the knowledge of how to strategically shape it to propel you forward towards your purpose.

Our moonshot isn’t amongst the stars, it is right here on the ground. Quite simply we exist to design better organizations– organizations full of purpose and possibility; organizations where people, planet and profit outcomes co-exist and enhance one another; organizations that are resilient and thrive in challenging times; organizations where all your stakeholders can find meaning. We think everyone will be on-board with this.